Back to Spring, my husband and I went to Lisbon for an ultimate 4-weeks trip. We had never been to Portugal before so we didn’t really know what to expect. We knew just one thing, Lisbon is a beautiful and unique city with a good vibe.

I’d love to share some moments of one of the days we’ve spent there. After our breakfast at Air bnb apartment in the historical centre we had the lovely pleasure of spending the day scrolling around the city of Lisbon. That day I’ve decided to do some layers, the weather was just right for that. I was wearing a denim jacket and a wool vest (both from Nanushka), vintage Levi’s jeans, Tibi boots and ATP Atelier bag. A cat was an extra accessory.

After a couple of hours walking we headed to FX factory in Chiado to meet up Yana, a girl we came across on insta. That place is the Lisbon’s creative corner, there’s lots of local shops, production studios, workshops and cozy cafes. We had lunch at Wish Slow coffee shop, the place is known for it’s bagels. Lx Factory is something. Definitely worth a visit in my mind.

All the afternoon we were enjoying the city, it’s architecture and spring blooms. Next stop, sunset view point. The 25th of April Bridge, lot’s of stunning rooftops and blinding sun, this location was mind blowing.

Then we jumped into trolleybus and headed to Everest Montanha for dinner. It was the best Indian food I’ve ever had in my life.

Pretty much the perfect day.
I’m going to write a fuul guide with all my favorite places in Lisbon, be sure to check back in a few days.

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