Hi guys!

It’s Monday and I have tons things to do, but need to share this! I posted the first pic of this shooting yesterday on Instagram and I’m happy you like my outfit and location. My husband knows the best places to shoot and have fun (some wine included!). While editing these photos I’ve realised that I have so many cool pics, so it is going to be two posts.

This fancy outfit couldn’t happened without the top from Ciao Lucia, LA based brand I’ve came across recently. More details are coming very soon! I have to go for a meeting, be sure to check back tomorrow or in a couple of days.

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  • That top is incredible, need to check out that brand. I also love the strong expression on your face and the graffiti in the background. Enjoy the meeting and the wine, it’s always a good idea to have some wine! I’ll need to find the will power to get out of my bed this morning, hehe!

    • Hey there,
      Thank you so much! Haha, I know that feeling, but I hope you’ve managed to do that! Have a great day <3