Hi there, I’m Anastasia.

Russia bred & Spain based. A perfect blend of vintage meets modern day society. Add Cali laid-back and a spoon of french effortlessness to create unique style.

I started my blog when I moved to Tenerife, the Canary Islands. The Spanish lifestyle has inspired me to share my everyday life. With a background in journalism and Art, I have managed to turn my blog into an international platform where I can express my creative vision. I’ve been travelling for 6 years, so my travels have influenced my sense of style, not only in fashion, but in every aspect of my life. This blog is about everything I love: beauty, street culture, travel, music and surely fashion. I’m happy to inspire you on this beautiful journey!

I don’t follow trends; I mould them to fit my own personal style.

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For potential business collaborations contact: gurova.an@gmail.com