While it’s raining outside let’s talk beauty. I’ve already told you guys that I love Glossier. I’ve just finished my Boy Brow and Moon Mask and now it’s time to try something new from the brand. I have Super Glow, Super Pure and Super Bounce serums, which I like, because they are lightweight and easy to use. Also I decided to try their Priming Moisturizer Rich and Cloud Paint in Dusk and Beam (I’m a big fun of cream blush!). But the most important thing is a sunscreen gel called Invisible Shield with SPF 35, witch is not on the picture, but it’s so good! You know, first things first, and I wear sunscreen all the year round, no matters where I am. Here you can see Boy Smells candle as well, the brand is new for me, but I want to try them all! My earrings are from J. W. Anderson here. I guess this is it.

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