I’m in love with these at the moment, all products help me to glow throughout this summer. I’m into organic skin care and I use different thing based on what my skin is feeling.

So lately, I’ve been using natural products mostly from Youth to the people and Herbivore botanicals. I really, really like this face mask with Spirulina and it’s color is so cool. After masking I usually go with Herbivore botanicals rose water spray. It’s nice and makes my skin feel fresh after! The next step is multifunction serum from Youth to the people as well. I do take care of my eye area and try a lot of gels and creams, now I’m using this nourishing cream and I love it. I have combination skin, but so much of the time I deal with oil, so I like products that give me moisture without making my skin oily. Sometimes I even skip any creams. But I like to put some moisturizer on my neck area.
Oh, I’ve forgotten to mention water! It’s so important. Drink it! Your skin will be grateful.

Also here are my fav earrings, I’ve been wearing these Young Frankk hoops day in and day out all June.

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