Hi there, I’m Anastasia.

Russia bred & Spain based. 

I started my blog when I realised that cooking is my passion. I discovered vegetarianism  in 2011, since then I express my creativity in the kitchen. I love everything about cooking, it’s kind of meditation for me. So with a background in journalism and photography, I decided to write down all my recipe and create a blog for those who are seeking inspiration. I’m sure that eating healthy food is important, also each meal is a little ritual for me, it has to be a quality time.

Welcome to my cozy kitchen!

On the blog, you can find some categories with recipes. I used to be a vegan and still eat plant based 90% of time, so there are a lot of vegan recipes. When it comes for baking, i do try gluten free options, you can find that kind of recipes as well. I pay attention to good breakfast, that’s why there is a special ‘breakfast’ category on the blog.

Also, my husband Dima and I are keen on travels, so we publish food and travel guides here as well. We love discovering new places and share with you guys!

I’m happy to inspire you on this beautiful journey!
Let’s cook something delish!

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